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Breakfast and Tea Time Club


At St Peter's Infants School we offer breakfast club EVERYDAY from 8am to the start of the school day. This can be booked up to the day before if needed. Children have a healthy breakfast and play games - it costs £3.50 per session. Please pop into the office if you wish to make use of breakfast club.

We would also like to remind all parents whose children are entitled to Free School Meals that they are invited to attend Breakfast club for free.


We are delighted to be able to offer all our parents on-site childcare up to 5.30pm every day. The session offers your child a relaxed fun and friendly session in familiar surroundings.

The cost of sessions is extremely competitive: £2.50 for an afterschool club place, between 3pm and 4pm and then £4 for a place at tea time club between 4pm and 5.30pm which includes food.

Children have a healthy tea time snack every day, such as homemade pizza, pasta, beans on toast as well as fruit and yogurts. After eating, the children get involved with washing up, drying up and tidying away.

There are a range of different activities to keep them occupied and interested. Twice a week the children enjoying cooking their own tea time snack. Other activities include playing board games, singing, arts and crafts as well as story time.

Children can do their homework during the club as well as making use of the school tablets to work on Lexia, Mathletics or other educational sites. Miss Mason can also listen to your child read if you wish.

C: The grown-ups are nice and kind and the food is delicious and yummy. Sometimes we watch a film or go outside and play or do some colouring. I like going outside best.

T: “I like the days I go to teatime club, especially the cheesy pasta. I like playing football with my friends on the big playground.

J’s mum:  Tea time club is good value for money - we have struggled to get a child-minder who can offer a better service for this time and price. I like the idea that J will get the benefit of attending an extracurricular club as well as having a healthy and filling teatime snack.  Most importantly I know that he is safe, happy and entertained while he is at teatime club. He gets on really well with the other children and always has a good time.  Balancing home and work life can be a such a juggling act and often unpredictable but teatime club has really made life easier for our family.”

L’s mum: "L is thoroughly enjoying it. He continues to come out of school happy every day & complains on the only day he doesn't attend. I am pleased to have the peace of mind that he is happy and well looked after until I arrive. He adores Ms Mason and all those who run the club & I can't thank them enough for their time, the nutritious tea they provide & the activities they host. I would highly recommend the fantastic and great value service for anyone thinking about using it.”

H’s mum: “My son keeps asking me when he can go back because he really enjoyed having soup with friends and the informal friendly atmosphere”

The club can be pre-booked or alternatively you can use it on an as and when basis when you un-expectantly have to stay late at work etc, just ring and let us know on the day. If you would like to find out more information or to book a place then please just let us know in the school office. Thank you

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