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Lunchtime Arrangements

Chartwells' Cooked Meals & Packed Lunches

We have an on-site kitchen where hot meals are prepared and cooked daily. Due to the Government's Universal Free School Meals scheme for Infants, no child at our school needs to pay for school dinner or a packed lunch.  If your child has any dietry requirements please write this in a letter so that Chartwells are able to ensure that their dietary needs are met.  

If you choose for your child to have a packed lunch from home, it needs to be healthy.  For example, a sandwich, a piece of fruit, yoghurt and vegetable sticks.  Children are not allowed to bring in chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks.  

Menu Example

Below is the menu for September 2021.

Playtime Snacks

Being part of the Government’s ‘Free Fruit and Veg’ scheme, fruit or vegetables are available for the children at break time. Alternatively children may bring in fruit / vegetables from home or bars of crushed / squashed fruit. As part of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme, we place a lot of emphasis on healthy eating and as such the children are not permitted to eat crisps, sweets, cereal bars or chocolate at playtimes.

We are also part of the Cool Milk scheme, whereby children under 5 are entitled to FREE milk. For children over 5, parents can purchase break-time milk by setting up an account with Coolmilk and paying by Direct Debit. Please go to www.coolmilk.com

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