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St Peter's Infant School Pupil Premium Grant Spending

The Pupil Premium is Government funding provided to support children who may be disadvantaged due to family circumstances so that they do well at school. The funding is allocated to schools for children from reception to year 11 who have registered for free school meals within the last 6 years, are in care or are children of people in the armed forces.

How is it spent at St Peter’s?

We look at each child receiving the Pupil Premium to work out what their need is. This can include talking to the child and parent also.

Sometimes the money will be spent on support a child to improve their English and Maths skills, their social or emotional needs. Other children do not need this support, in which case there are other ways we can extend them for example stretching them to reach higher levels, providing enrichment activities which they may not otherwise have access to or to provide free school trips, clothing or clubs.

For children needing support in English or Maths we provide small group support or support on a one to one basis based on each child’s needs. We support all children in this way, if we determine this is what they need.

We spend some of the money on training staff to ensure the best quality of support at all times and on high quality resources to support teaching.

How will parents know it is working?

We track all children’s progress and attainment each term to ensure that what we are doing has an impact on the children. We also change the support we offer children to ensure that what they are receiving is always supporting their needs.

If your child is taking part in some additional support we look at where they started and ended to ensure that they have made progress.

Progress is reported to parents at parents evening and on the end of term report.

Please see the 2013-14 report for further details of what we did during the last financial year and on 2014-15 to see what we are planning to do in the current financial year.

Free School Meals

As you can see, your child can really benefit from being identified as being eligible for this. If you think you may be entitled for free school meals please speak to the school office.

Pupil Premium Reports