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Health & Safety

We take the health and safety of the children in our care very seriously and do all that we can to ensure their welfare.

First Aid

We have strict guidelines that we are required to follow concerning First Aid. All of the support staff in school have attended basic First Aid training. We also have one fully trained First Aider and three Paediatric First Aiders on site.

Should any child have an accident at school, the incident is recorded in our First Aid log. For head bumps or facial marks, a courtesy call is made and a note is sent home to parents detailing the incident. For other serious bumps, grazes and facial marks, a follow-up note is sent home and a courtesy call is made to the Parents where appropriate. We are not allowed to apply any creams or lotions onto wounds.

It is sometimes necessary to send children home during the school day if they are unwell. It is very important that we have up-to-date information of relevant landline and mobile numbers and addresses. Should you change address or phone number at any time whilst your child is at St. Peter's, please let us know.

There is regular contact between the school and medical professionals. Children receive routine medical inspections e.g. height & weight, hearing.


We realise that there are occasions when a course of medicine needs to be completed. We are allowed to administer medicines that are brought into school in their original container. You are required to complete a form (from the office) detailing dosage, frequency and dates when it is to be administered. If it needs to be measured out by a member of staff, a second member of staff will act as a witness. Named Asthma Inhalers and epi-pens are kept in classrooms.


Unfortunately Head lice can be a common problem once children start school. We no longer have a school Nit Nurse, nor are we able to search children’s hair or send children home if Lice are spotted. We all therefore have to rely on your diligence at home to spot and treat.

The Health Authority recommends that hair is washed, then conditioner applied and left on whilst the hair is combed from the roots with a fine tooth comb. Alternatively we have found that Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner acts as a repellent on some hair and tying long hair back makes it more difficult for the Lice to crawl in.  Lotions can be purchased from the local chemist and they will explain the correct way to use each product. If your child has headlice, please let us know, treat it then bring your child into school. A letter will be sent to parents asking them to be diligent in checking their child’s hair.

Parking - Yellow Lines

There are yellow lines painted outside the school gates. These are there to ensure the safety of the children and their families coming to and from the school. These must be kept clear at drop-off and collection times which are included within the times specified on the notice. The Camera Car carries out spot checks and people found in violation of the restrictions can be fined. The road becomes very congested. We strongly recommend that, should you need to drive, you park a few streets away and walk the last part of the journey.

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