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We have a very positive ethos and value is placed upon intrinsic reward as well as a system of class rewards designed to raise self-esteem and encourage children to want to behave well. A copy of the school Behaviour Policy is available under the 'Policies' section on this website or a copy can be obtained from the school office.

Our Golden Rules

Work hard

Be gentle

Be kind and helpful

Be honest

Smile and say kind things

Look after property

Keep unkind hands and feet to yourself

Listen to people

Keep unkind words to yourself

It’s OK to make a mistake as long as you learn from it

As part of our strong philosophy of teamwork, we place a lot of emphasis on working together with you as parents.

Should any behavioural problems arise, you would be consulted and a joint plan of action formulated.

There is a Home/School Agreement that we ask all parents to sign annually as part of the strong liaison between parents and school. This is not a formal contract, more a statement of aims for each party.

Aims and Objectives

At St Peter's we aim to ensure that all children will: 

  • Be tolerant and understanding with consideration for the rights, views and property of others.
  • Develop a responsible and cooperative attitude which will lead to helping them to play a positive role in society.
  • Learn to take responsibility for his/her behaviour and actions.
  • Achieve their full potential in terms of self-esteem, academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual awareness.
  • Take a pride and responsible interest in caring for their environment.
  • Become positive, respectful, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

As such our objectives are to help all children:

  • To develop self discipline and self control
  • To be on task with learning
  • To start taking accountability for their behaviour
  • To recognise and respect the rights of others
  • To promote the values of honesty, fairness and respect
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